Sunday, January 31

Snow Day

So Middle Tennessee finally got snow....about seven inches! The white landscape is beautiful. The stillness and absolute quiet is something we don't experience often in our hectic and hurried lives. So what is it about a snow day that changes our outlook?

I think it is we choose to believe in something outside of the norm...we let ourselves hope....we let our guards down and are willing to do silly things such as make a snowman or create snow angels...we don't even mind if someone hits us in the face with a snow ball!

I am challenged by this renewed belief and hope today to let my guard down and believe. Believe in others, hope for the future and the willingness to let my guard down and just enjoy life.

Sunday, January 17

Cleaning out the Closests

You know the story...moving day is quickly approaching so you begin going through all the stuff sitting on the table, the shelves, the drawers and cabinets and you think where did all this stuff come from. Just as we accumulate junk in the house we also keep things inside longer than we should. Some things are harder to let go of than others but once it's gone you realize just how little you missed it and sometimes you realize what a relief you no longer have to carry it around.

As I finish packing the remaining boxes and begin organizing and decorating my new home I am reminded that holding on to things that we no longer need is a weight that no one should carry.

So get in there in clean out the closets in your house and the closets of your heart!